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About Bone Grafting

Much like natural teeth, dental implants require appropriate and proportional amounts of bone density and volume for optimal oral health and function. When you have bone loss in the jaw due to an injury, missing teeth, or gum disease, you could benefit from a bone grafting procedure to provide the stability necessary for a dental implant. During this procedure, we add tissue from your own mouth or another source to depleted areas in order to strengthen and rebuild your jawbone. This can help the restored area hold a dental implant. Our team of experienced dentists at ACE Dental of Belton frequently perform bone grafting to increase the success of dental implants. Learn more about bone grafting by contacting our Belton, TX office to schedule your initial consultation with our team of dental professionals. 

Ideal Candidates for a Bone Graft

Bone grafting may benefit you if you're experiencing bone loss in your jaw and need further support for existing teeth or a dental implant. There are several factors that can lead to bone loss, including periodontal disease, an injury to the jaw, or missing teeth. When teeth are missing, the nearby bone begins to deteriorate, making an indentation in the jaw. This often results in a lack of structure to adequately support a dental implant. Typically, bone grafting can improve a patient's candidacy for a dental implant by strengthening and rebuilding previously lost jaw structure. Additionally, restoring bone loss and missing teeth can improve your overall oral function and health, as well as help you look younger longer.

The Bone Grafting Process

The bone grafting process at ACE Dental of Belton will vary depending on where the graft is taken from and the amount of grafting required. Typical bone grafting procedures may include:

  • Autografts use bone from your own body, such as from your chin area or the back of your jaw.
  • Allografts take bone graft material from another human.
  • Xenografts use animal-derived tissue, typically bovine (cow) bone tissue.
  • Alloplasts incorporate synthetic, biocompatible materials.

After your bone graft is ready to place, our dental team will properly numb the treatment area and create an incision in the gum tissue in order to reach the bone. We'll place the bone graft into your jawbone — along with proteins, collagen, or other tissue regeneration factors — in order to promote bone growth. Finally, we'll suture the gums closed for proper healing and recovery.

Recovery Following Bone Grafting

Once your procedure is complete, you may experience some slight tenderness and inflammation in your jaw. Our dental team can prescribe pain medication and will likely suggest cold compresses to ease discomfort during recovery. Over the next nine months, the graft will fuse with your jaw through a process known as osseointegration. During this time, it's important to maintain a good oral hygiene routine with daily flossing and brushing, along with any products suggested by the ACE Dental of Belton team. Once the bone graft is fully integrated, we can move forward with placing your dental implant.

Insurance Coverage for Bone Grafts

Some dental insurance policies may partially cover a bone grafting procedure. Before your procedure, our financial team will check your coverage and then calculate any out-of-pocket costs. ACE Dental of Belton is a top provider of affordable dental care in the community, and we're happy to accept various flexible payment options. 

Rebuild Your Jawbone With a Bone Graft

The health of your jawbone is crucial to your overall oral health and the look of your smile. When you have bone loss in your jaw and require tooth replacement, bone grafting from ACE Dental of Belton could be the ideal solution to provide the support that your future dental implants need. Contact our Belton, TX office to learn more and to schedule your initial consultation with one of our experienced dental professionals.

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