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What Is a Root Canal?

In the earlier stages, dental cavities and tooth damage are commonly treated with a dental filling or another restoration that repairs the tooth. But when tooth decay, cracks, or other damage reach the pulp (center layer of a tooth), infection often results, and a root canal may be needed. A root canal is a common endodontic therapy performed at ACE Dental of Belton to treat infected or internally damaged teeth, save them from having to be extracted, and keep the infection from further impacting your health. Root canals eliminate damaged pulpal tissue and strengthen a tooth from within. If you're experiencing symptoms of infection, like tooth pain or swelling, please contact our Belton, TX practice right away. Our team takes a gentle approach to root canal therapy and will work to keep you comfortable every step of the way.

When Do You Need a Root Canal?

Oral trauma, deep decay, and cracks in the teeth can all create a path for harmful bacteria to cause infection within the pulp of a tooth. When this occurs, the dentists at ACE Dental of Belton may recommend a root canal to return health, comfort, and function to your mouth. You may need a root canal if you have any of the following signs or symptoms:

  • Jaw pain or a toothache
  • Swelling in your gums or face
  • An abscessed or infected tooth
  • Discomfort when biting down
  • A blister-like lesion on your gums
  • Pressure in your jaw
  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Darkening of a tooth

How Do Root Canals Work?

The comfort and safety of our patients are always priorities for us at ACE Dental of Belton. We thoroughly numb the tooth and surrounding area before beginning a root canal; we may also administer sedation dentistry to help you feel even more comfortable. To begin, one of our highly trained dentists will create an opening in the top of the tooth and remove the decayed pulp tissue from the inner chamber. We will thoroughly disinfect the tooth and strengthen it from within with a special type of material. Once we've finished the root canal, we'll seal the tooth off with a therapeutic filling and give it time to completely heal.

What Can I Expect After a Root Canal?

Once your root canal is finished and the infection has been treated, any tooth pain or other symptoms you had should start to subside. We may recommend over-the-counter pain relievers to keep you comfortable as you recover or prescribe antibiotics to resolve oral infections. We may also schedule a follow-up visit so we can evaluate your tooth as it heals. Dental crowns are often recommended to protect teeth following a root canal, as teeth that have received endodontic treatment often have a greater chance of cracking or breaking. When you visit ACE Dental of Belton for routine care, we'll continue to evaluate your root canal-treated tooth and overall oral health.

Will Insurance Cover Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment may be partially covered under a number of dental insurance plans. Once we establish your treatment plan, we'll review your insurance benefits and determine what your out-of-pocket treatment costs might be. ACE Dental of Belton is proud to offer affordable dental care and convenient payment options to patients in our community. We can help you choose a budget-friendly payment method and can even assist you in exploring special medical financing plans.

Endodontic Care From a Skilled Dental Team

Delaying care for infected or internally damaged teeth may put your tooth, dental health, and even general wellbeing at risk. If you have tooth pain or other concerning symptoms, please schedule an appointment at our Belton, TX practice right away. Our dedicated team is experienced in root canal treatment and will always cater our care to your needs and comfort, no matter what those needs may be. Contact ACE Dental of Belton today to save your tooth and your smile.

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