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What Is An Athletic Mouth Guard?

Participating in sports and physical activities in an important part of life for many Belton, TX patients. In order to help protect the smiles and oral health of those we are privileged to serve, our caring general dentists are pleased to offer custom athletic mouth guards fabricated of top-grade, durable materials. When worn between the top and bottom teeth during physical activities, athletic mouth guards help protect the teeth, jaw, and gums from injury or damage if physical strain or impact to the mouth should occur. Customized mouth guards are molded specifically for each patient, offering better protection than generic store-bought appliances. If you or your family members play any type of sports, please talk with our team at ACE Dental of Belton for more on the benefits of custom sports mouth guards!

Who Should Wear a Mouth Guard for Sports?

Any child, teen, or adult who participates in any type of high-impact athletic activity — from hockey, football, or wrestling to martial arts, volleyball, and more — should wear a protective mouth guard. Even people who run, do yoga, lift weights, or engage in other low-impact sports can benefit from athletic mouth guards, as these appliances decrease strain on the teeth and jaw. Professional mouth guards can also minimize the risk of soft tissue trauma from braces as well as damage to crowns, veneers, or other restorations. At ACE Dental of Belton, we generally recommend custom athletic mouth guards over boil-and-bite options from sporting goods stores, as custom guards fit better and are more comfortable to wear.

What Is the Custom Mouth Guard Process?

We begin the process of creating custom mouth guards by taking digital impressions of your top and bottom arches and sending these images to a professional dental lab. Your sports mouth guard will then be made of a durable, high-quality material and delivered to our facility. Once it is complete, we will schedule you to return for a fitting and to receive instructions on how to wear and care for your dental appliance. Custom sports mouth guards from ACE Dental of Belton are made to be worn on the top or bottom teeth (based on the design) and may be adjusted to provide a secure yet comfortable fit.

How Can I Care for My Athletic Mouth Guard?

Once you receive your custom mouth guard, we recommend that you wear it anytime your mouth needs protection, such as when playing high- or low-impact sports. You can help preserve your appliance's effectiveness and lifespan by cleaning it following each use and keeping it in a safe place. We'll provide special instructions on how to clean your mouth guard based on the type of material used to craft your device. Please be sure to bring your mouth guard with you to your routine dental check-ups at ACE Dental of Belton so our dentists can make sure it still adequately protects your smile. Customized athletic mouth guards can last for several years with proper care. However, younger children may need to have new appliances made as they grow and their jaws expand.

Does Insurance Cover Mouth Guards for Sports?

In some cases, custom-made athletic mouth guards may be covered in part by dental insurance plans. To help make your care as affordable as possible, we'll review any insurance benefits you have and help you maximize your coverage. ACE Dental of Belton offers quality care at reasonable rates and strives to make treatment accessible to all patients. Please talk with our friendly team to explore payment options and budget-friendly solutions to meet your family's dental needs.

Guard Your Smile Against Sports Injuries

Professional athletic mouth guards from ACE Dental of Belton offer a winning solution and high-quality option for patients who play sports. Custom-made to protect the teeth, gums, and jaw during physical activities, mouth guards can help reduce the risk of oral injuries and damage if impact to your mouth occurs. Visit our Belton, TX practice so we can get started on your custom dental appliance and safeguard the health of your smile!

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